Zanshin For Tennis Matches

This is when a player stays in a relax, but alert mental state,until they have actually won the point.

This also could be a player,staying in this mental state, with a 1 set lead in a match.

In both cases.

The player will maintain this constant alertness and this is called “Zanshin”.

“It’s a self-induce mental state, that is obtained by daily meditation”.

And for longer segments.

You have to practice this around other people too.

Zanshin really means,“Remaining Mind”.


A mind that remains in a alert state, for long periods of time.

That’s why.

All competitive players, need to be learning about Zanshin.

See,most players lose concentration during points,by assuming a point is over,and then their opponent gets the ball back and this throws their timing off.

Another case.

One player win the first set 6/0 and then he mentally let’s up and ends up,losing the match in 3 sets.

This happens all the time.

Every tennis player, must practice staying in the Zanshin State,throughout the point.

After the point.

They should take 3 deep breaths and get right back in the Zanshin State,before playing the next point.

The master key to winning more matches is……

“To combine Mushin Tennis,with the Zanshin State and you should be able to dominate your opponent at will in matches.”

Talk to you guys tomorrow


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