Your Court Movement

For tennis.

You need good footwork, smooth movement and an explosive first step.

Focus on anticipating where the ball is going and then getting a good first step on it.

You should feel like you are gliding around the court.

I suggest jumping rope and doing dynamic warm-up drills, to improve your footwork in practice.

Now,I don’t want to make this seems too difficult.

So,after you start working on your movement.

Just move in a natural way on court.

Keep this in mind though.

The power that is going to be coming your way,isn’t going to give you that much time to react to the ball.

This is why.

You have to learn how to hit the ball from different positions.

Start working on that today….

The pace of the ball, will determine what type of stance that you use on each shot.

In practice.

Hit balls from a open,semi-open and also a close stance.


The top players can do it all.

In summary.

Try to get quicker with your first step and then flow to the ball,getting there early and in a good position,to make the shot.

After you hit the shot.

Make a smooth hop and recovery step and anticipate the return from your opponent.

The cool thing is….

This will get easier for YOU.

When you start recognizing playing patterns.

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MTM tennis pro coach at New Tennis Generation

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