Trust Your Feel In Matches

When preparing for a tennis match.

Get all the work in and then during the match.

Trust your feel for the game and go with the flow.

I’m a big believer in….

Finding your flow in matches.

Because if you can do that, you can find your rhythm too.

The world class tennis players, know that they win their matches in practice.

They then go into your matches with confidence.


Depending on who they are playing,this confidence may vary.

But the point here is……

Start training like you want to play in matches.

You need to practice like you want to play.

Now when the match starts.

Allow the match to come to you and it will.

To perform at your best.

You must be relax and in the flow in matches.

I have a post about “Flow Tennis”, on this blog that you really need to read, if you haven’t read it yet.

“Flow tennis is easier to mentally get to, than the Zone”.

And that is why it should be your strategy for every match.

Don’t allow yourself to be thrown off mentally.

Just trust in your feel for your game and focus on getting into the flow.

There is no need to make playing the mental game more complicated.

Simplicity is always best my friend!!

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MTM tennis pro coach at New Tennis Generation

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