The Big Points

Thiem beat Nadal today.


I can’t believe Nadal lost on clay.

The reason why Thiem won today,is because he played the big points better than Nadal.

He was very aggressive,with going for his shots.

All tennis matches.

Comes down to playing the big points, better than your opponent.

“It’s dealing with the pressure like a warrior and playing your best tennis,when it counts.”

If you can do that in the majority of your matches.

You will give yourself a good chance to win.

Which is all you really want to do,in every match.

Give yourself a chance,by playing the percentages and playing the big points well.

I was teaching this to a girl last week.

She is a good young junior.

But,on big points.

She gets nervous and her mental game drops.

So, I told her,focus on winning in your mind more.

She needs to pre-install the outcome, that she wants and visualize it happening in her mind.

Then right before a big point.

I told her to remember the picture she created in her mind and breathe.

Then play out the point in the ideal.

When you practice this mental training a lot everyday.

It gets down in your subconscious and it become a mental habit.

Let’s wrap it up,because Del Portro and Novak are playing now.

In summary.

Match play…….

Is all about the learning how to play the big points better by using your will,until your warrior spirit can kick in.

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