Mental Rehearsal Before Matches

I learned this tip from my high school tennis coach.

He would make us do mental rehearsals before up coming matches.

“Were we would play the whole match out in our minds, right before practice”.

Many of us,would do it before going to bed too and also,right after waking up.

This allowed us to go into these matches,already full of self-confidence and play our best tennis in them.

It works like this.

Use the same concept that you would for “Warrior Meditation”,but only this time, after your thoughts quiet down,rehearse the match in your mind.

Predict what you opponent might do and then see yourself countering it,with your own tactics and playing patterns.

(See yourself starting out slow and not having any rhythm for the match,then turning things around,by slowing your playing tempo down and getting more balls in.)

You can go on and on with this mental preparation guys.

There really are no limits here!!


Even if this doesn’t happen in the match.

You are still feeling good about your mental game before the match,because you have already pre-programmed your mind,to react in the right way,to any curve balls that your opponent,may throw at you.

See what I am saying?

Mental rehearsal,is programming your subconscious mind for success.

You do it through creative imagination.

It’s one of the best pre-match things that any competitive player can do.

So, try it.

I think you will be surprise with the results,that you get!!