The Power Take Away

The Celtics did this to the Cavs, in their series.

They took away the mental power that, the cavs had over them in the first 2 games and a half,by redirecting the energy and the tempo of the mental game.

Oh yeah,

The Cavs are going to win this series,but we can learn a lot just by watching it unfold,before our eyes.

In every tennis match.

Your emotional respond to your opponent,will give them power over you.

But,when you don’t respond emotionally.

You are able to redirect the energy of their pre-installed, powerful respond over you.

See,the top players are already mentally program,to react in a certain way,when playing weaker players.

Try it in your next match.

It’s fun too!!

I think you will have a pleasant surprise,from your sense of empowerment.

You can take this tactic one step further and “Don’t give them any respect at all!!!

Never go into a match with any fearful energy radiating from you.

Because your opponent can FEEL and SENSE it and then exploit it!!!

“The best way to take away their power,is to not allow them to get into your head, in the first place”.

Celebrities do this to their fans.

Without saying a word.

They can have mental power over their fans,with just a look or a glance.

But here is something that any fan can do,to counter this.

Look down upon that same star and watch the star’s emotional reaction!!

I have done this myself and have been amaze at the power of it.

Back to the point though.

No more fearful energy.

Don’t give them authority over you.

“Take back your own personal power and use it,to start winning the mental battle”.

The key here is…

Keep your mind moving during non playing time in matches,and on each point and don’t get fixated on your opponent or any THOUGHT!!