Off Season Training

It’s the off season for many of you guys,so here are a few things that I would be working on,if I were YOU.

For each one.

Start by imprinting the stroke on your subconscious mind, by watching some video and doing tons of shadow swings.

Then work the reps,until you discover the stroke or pattern of play.

And remember.

Keep adjusting your swing after every rep!!

Okay,here they are……

A solid second serve.

Most junior have bad second serves.

This puts a lot of pressure on them, because their opponent’s can take control over the point after they serve.

The thing to keep in mind on the second serve is don’t slow down your racket head speed and accept the double faults.

By doing that,you will eventually build up enough confidence to hit up and out on your serve and things will just click for you!!

Add a new stroke or playing pattern.

You need to focus on adding 1 new stroke at a time to your match play game.

Don’t try to work on 3 at the same time, instead develop one, then more to another and keep doing this until you have an all around tennis game.

Learn how to deal with (On Coming Power).

You must develop a compact stroke, that allows you to handle the powerful shots that will be coming your way.

This is the one thing that I would focus on for the whole off season too.

“Because your biggest problem for you right now,is dealing with the power that you are facing in your matches”.

I was telling an ex-student of mine this the other day.

She can’t handle the power in her matches now that she has moved up in the rankings,so I told her….work on your shortening up your swing and using your legs more to drive through the court.

Now if there is something else that you guys need to work on,by all means,go for it.

But these 3 things I just shared with you, can have you ready to dominate at the start of next season,if mastered now.

Tennis is a feel game.

So,be sure to get a good feel for each stroke or pattern,before you move to anther one.