Just Breathe More During Matches

When I first read……

Your power comes from your breath in a book before.

That statement stuck with me and I tried it on a lot of my players, who got better results instantly.

This really shocked me, because up until that time,I hadn’t heard any tennis coach preach this to their players.

The same thing may apply for you,but please try this tip out, the next time you are on the court.

Before each point, picture in your mind what you want to happen and breathe into that thought.

“This is going to help you relax and be able to perform on the court better”.

The more relax you are,the better your feel for your match play game will be.

Keep doing it for while and watch how you enter into a flow mental state.


After the point, breathe deeply.

This should help you mentally recover quickly.

Let your breath be your anchor for the whole match.

“So,when you do have a thought, let it fly by and refocus on your breath”.

I find this to be a great way to control your thought and eventually free yourself from them!!!

Just because you have a thought, doesn’t mean, you have to pay attention to it.

Does it?

Now, during the point.

Exhale at contact…..

Don’t hold your breath in like many juniors do!!

“Most points are too short, because both players are holding their breath during them”.

The funny thing is…. they don’t even notice it either!!

Those are some ways, that you can use your breath in tennis matches.

Try them out for at least 3 months before passing judgment and see how it goes.

I think you will have a pleasent surprise my friend!!