A Practice Match Tip For Tennis

Are you in a tennis slump right now?

Are you struggling to break through with your mental game?

Do you choke under pressure,in your matches?

Then,start playing better players, in your practice matches.

The only way to get better with your mental game,is to play better tennis players, on a weekly basis.

Don’t focus on winning either.

Go out there and work on your game.

If you approach this type of training with the right mindset.

You will have a breakthrough moment, at some point in these practice matches.

I mean.

Something will click,for you.

And it will all come together like magic.

But,you have go into every practice match,with the same goal.

Which is….

“Get a little bit better today,with my mental efforts and mental energy”.

Make that your goal,in every practice match!!

Don’t get caught up in winning these practice matches or the score.


That’s the biggest mistake you could make.

Stay focused, on your long term vision!!!

Let me share a story with you guys.

I was talking to a friend, who coaches in the US 3 weeks ago and he was saying that,most of the juniors, don’t even play practice matches, with the other top ranked players.


Because they don’t want to lose!!

And this is why when they move up to college or in the rankings,they breakdown mentally.

For all you lower ranked junior players out there,reading this post.

“Use this tip for your practice matches and watch how fast you, move up in the rankings after 3 months or less.”

Okay,it’s 4:00 am Sunday, here in Kansai.

You guys have a great weekend!!