Your Support Group

Friday morning in kansai and I’m off to a late start today.

So,I’ll give you this quick tip and be on my way to Nara.

The most important step that you can take towards a successful future right now.

Is to create a “Support Group”.

This can be your parents,friends,coach or a mentor.

Whoever it is.

“Make sure that they know your goals and that they have your back and that you are all on the same page”.

Because you will have to communicate with them.

When you struggle with your mental game.

That’s why your support group, is actually the key to your success in this game.

I was lucky enough, to have a coach and a mentor,who helped me in my short career.

Here is what you can do.

Write down 5 people that you can think of now and then contact them later today and have a lunch with them.

At lunch.

Tell them your goals and dreams.

Wait to listen to their reaction.

If they don’t sound like they want to support you,then move on to the next person.

I have to make this point here.

Everyone in your support group,has to believe in YOU!!!!

If you don’t FEEL that they do.

Don’t bring them into your support group.

You want people in your group,who are going to strengthen your own belief.


Because you must have people who believe in you,even if you do have a weak belief system in place right now.

Look at this group,as the foundation for your future success!!!