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Attention fellow coaches and competitive tennis players!!

IYFT is a private tennis membership account for players who want results now from their present mental game, not later.

“It’s also a membership for tennis coaches that want to learn how to teach tennis in the modern way.”

This concept is based on years of studying the great coaches of the game, I have been a virtual student of Vic , Oscar and Nick etc. for a decade now.

Learning as much as I could from them and their coaching philosophies, then adopting them to my own coaching style, the results is IYFT.

IYFT is learning how to play fearless tennis on every point and in every match, no matter what the score is at any giving time.

And it also shows tennis coaches how to teach tennis in the modern way.

The modern way of teaching is knowing how to teach the mental game to players, which most coaches can’t do.

They focus too much on mechanics and techniques.

But the problem with that is,”It doesn’t matter how well their mechanics are, if the can’t make the shot under pressure”.

All coaches need to be in this membership program.

And all competitive tennis players need to be in it too.

My message to them is this,,

Once, you reach a certain level with your tennis game and start competing, you are no longer playing tennis, but are actually then playing the MENTAL GAME!

Please never forget that too.

Many tennis players are out there thinking they are playing tennis, when in reality, they are playing the mental game and losing at playing it.

See, as a competitive tennis player, you are only as good as your mental game is,on that giving day.

So, it’s time to get the mental game on!!

Wouldn’t you agree?

I am a student of the game and this membership will teach you how to become one too.

For 25$ a month you will get a free ebook/

One on one coaching from me twice a month/(They will be intense too).

Powerful tennis tips on how to become a better coach or mental player in months, that I only share with my private students that I teach here in kansai/

Videos that will impact your game the minute you use them and much more!

Only for 25 $a month!!!

It’s a steal folks!


Click below and let’s get you started on you discovering your true tennis game or helping your players discover theirs.

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