Manage Your Energy On Court

Nadal lost yesterday to this Canadian kid Shapovalov.(Try saying it to yourself)

This kid played all the big points fearless.

He stepped up his mental game when it counted and that is why he won the match.

I have never heard of him, so it shocked me and I think everyone else was too.

Federer is taking to the court in a minute.

Moving on.

The tip for today.

Is about,”Managing Your Energy ” on the court.

This means that everything is energy and you should not be wasting yours at any time on court.


Look at all the ways that you are wasting your energy right now.

Like reacting or through negative self-talk.

Plug your energy leaks.

I heard a ATP commentator bring this up yesterday and he was spot on.

He said.

In tennis matches, you can’t afford to waste any energy and the only way you can do that, is by managing it better.


You can plug your energy leaks through self-awareness.

It looks like this.

Catch yourself ,right before you react on court or if you react emotionally,you soon regroove your mental game and focus on the next point.

Try doing that for 1 month straight.

I teach this to all my players.

The thing is…..

The more you catch yourself, the stronger you mentally get!!!

Try to remember that.

You need to project a strong energy in your matches.

And this is the best way that you can do it.

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