Make It When It Counts

I don’t care how good your shots are, if you can’t make that same shot under pressure.

To be able to consistently play the mental game in matches.

You have to make the shots,when they count.

Nothing else counts.

Back to practice.

Practice the same way, you want to play in your matches!!

You should also mentally put yourself in situations, were you picture yourself playing your best tennis,while under pressure.

Create that feeling in your mind and rehearse it.

Now visualize yourself making the shot.

You need to do this a lot, so you can imprint the picture on your subconscious mind.

Then when you are actually in that situation on the court.

Remember the feeling you created and breathe deeply and just do the best you can.

The next part is very important though.

The first few times.

No matter how you emotionally respond during the match.

Keep doing the mental picturing every day.

Look at your mind as a weak muscle, that needs to be strengthened.

Like we talked about before…

Every tennis match is going to be won…by the player that can, make the shot, on the big points.

If you want to start making more of these big shots.

Start doing more mental picturing!!

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