Federer Takes Title

I doubt that anyone is going to beat Federer for a while,well, maybe on clay and but as for as any other surface on tour,he is looking unbeatable.

Stan hung in there yesterday and had some chances here and there.

But, each time he did.

(Federer just shut it down quickly,before he could gain any momentum or flow for the match).

His serve is key though.

He hits his serves with the same toss, for all of them.

So,his opponent,don’t know where he is going most of the time.

The other thing is this….

He plays on top of the baseline or inside it.

Taking the ball nice and early and taking away time from his opponents.

ATP showed the court positioning chart on the screen.

And 90% of the time,he was right around or inside the baseline,during points.

That’s called.

Attacking Tennis!!

More players should follow his lead too.

Again,I want to say to Federer.

Welcome back Champ!!


Let’s change course a little.

Just a quick follow up tip about goal setting,that we talked about yesterday.

Don’t share your goals with everyone.

Because what they say to you,may weaken your belief or confidence,in yourself.

Keep it on a “Need to know basis”.

In other words.

Keep it a secrets and just stay focused on reaching them.

By any mean necessary.


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