ATP Tennis News

Del Portro just beat Dimitrov in Rome.

Dimitrov was true to form.

He won the first set and then lost the next 2.

This has been happening to him for a long time.

It’s to the point now,his opponents are waiting for him to get tight.

The only way he can put a stop to it,……is to emotionally detach from his matches.

The guy wants it too much.

And he is actually casting out the wrong energy in matches.

There a lot of pros who are doing what Dimitrov is doing in their matches.

They don’t let or allow, the game to come to them, by getting into the FLOW.

They forced the issue and go against themselves unconsciously.

Master point here.

Any fear,anger or frustration, blocks your energy flow in matches.


Yes,there is a solution to this big problem and it takes mental effort.

Follow these instructions.

“Picture in your mind being in a certain situation, in a match and then picture yourself playing and acting like a tennis warrior”.

When you get in that situation on court.

You should remember what you pictured during meditation and then breathe,and act out and play out, the picture in the match.

The mental picturing should be done daily for 5 times.

This is called, warrior meditation.

“You can keep these sessions short if you want to, 5 minutes is enough”.

Just make sure you do them for at least 5 times a day.

Do me a favor please.

Please share this post with other competitive tennis players,like Dimitrov.

So, we can get them on board with this powerful way of mental training!!