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Nadal Is The US Open Champion

Congrats to Nadal.

He is the US Open Champion and also the number 1 player in the world.

How about that?

He was all over Anderson from the start and he stayed on him throughout the match.

Just like we all predicted, Anderson couldn’t stay with him from the back court.

We have to give Anderson some credit though, for reaching the finals, but he was out classed yesterday.

No doubt about it.

I love how Nadal brings spirit, passion, and focus, to every match.

He is a true warrior through and through.

Which is why he is a Champion.

I was just thinking too.

What a year we had on tour.

Nadal won 2 of the GSs and Federer took the other 2!!!

“They both were turning back the hands of time”.

And with the young guns coming on this year.

I’m looking forward to another great 2018!!!

How about you?

Oh yeah.

Let’s hope the other top guys can recover this year and be ready for the start of next year!!