Championship Tennis By Federer

I stayed up for the finals last night.

But Cilic didn’t mentally show up yesterday!!

Federer won in straight sets and he wasn’t really challenged at all in that match!!

I don’t know if Cilic was hurt or what,but he never seem to be mentally there and that should never happen in a GS final.


“Fed will take it and he will also take his 8th Wimbledon title and his 19th career GS”(Don’t quote me on the second part though).

I told you guys a few days ago.

This was his title all the way.

You just felt it deep down,that this was his year to win it!!

My advice for Cilic is to mentally let it go and remember the experience……then make sure that this never happens again in your career!!

In the GS finals.

You have to leave it all out there on the court because you never want to look back on your career and have any questions marks in it!!


This will be a huge question mark on his, because he didn’t mentally show up for that match!!!

As for as Fed goes.

I think he will win the US Open and maybe even finish the year number 1 in the world!!!

Can you guys remember back to last year?

We were all questioning Federer and now in 2017, he has won the AO and the big W!!

I’m just going to tell it like it is here…….

Federer is the greatest male tennis player of all times!!!

No doubt about it.

And congrats on taking your 8th Wimbledon title Champ!!

That is unreal folks!!!