Tennis Match Ups

In match play, where it comes down to matchups.

How does your style or strategies match up against your opponent?

This is where you have to be flexible in your pre-match preparation and be able to adapt to each opponent that you face.

Match play 101.

Never try the same tactics against an opponent, who has beaten you already.

I see this a lot in junior play.

“Be willing to try something different in the next match up, so you can start getting some different results”.

You have to look at how your playing style will match up, against the player you are facing on a giving day and that will change from match to match.

“Master all playing patterns for your matches”.

This means that…….you have to be able to do it all on the court.

You have to develop an all-around game.

Teach yourself how to be good at all aspects of the game, in practice.

Start by writing everything down after practice.

Just by writing your thoughts down, you will force yourself to think more deeply on it.

And if you keep doing it every day.

You will come up with better strategies and tactics than you can believe!!

This will also give you the edge because most juniors don’t record their thoughts down on paper.

So, just by taking the time to write this down, you gain clarity and purpose.

I guess what I am saying is…

To improve the way you match up to your opponents, start writing down your thoughts more and visualizing the outcome that you want!!