Playing Solid Tennis

I want to share with you guys a story.

Not just any story either,but my story.

Also,please read between the lines of it.


The day my career turn around, was the day that I started playing solid tennis.

I stop going for the winners and spectacular shots.

And as Brad Gilbert said before.

I started playing meat and potatoes tennis.

It worked too.

I immediately started playing consistent tennis and I also started getting consistent results in my matches.

The sad thing is…

My high school coach had been preaching this to me and my teammates for a long time,before we bought into this match play strategic way,to dominate tennis matches.

Here is what I discovered.

When I started focusing on being solid in my matches,I notice my opponents, started giving me even more cheap points!!!


“That’s what makes this match play tactic so powerful”.

If you just focus on being solid and steady in your matches.

Your opponent,will start going for more winners and committing more errors.

Which will then lead to you getting more cheap points.

And when that happens,you should apply more pressure on them and close out the match,as fast as you can.

Learn to be a great front runner and a great CLOSER!!

Okay guys.

That’s my story.

What’s the take way here?

To get consistent winning match play results.

You must learn how to play solid tennis!!

I say learn,because it’s really is a discipline,that most juniors, have to develop by themselves!