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Beating Pushers In Tennis Matches

At the junior and the adult level of competition.

We have a lot of pushers playing the game.

You need to know how to play them and you need to know how to beat them.

In this post.

I’ll cover both here today.

First thing is this.

Understand that pushers want you to get frustrated and start going for too much on your shots.

So, never play their game.

Play this one instead.

Bring them in.

“Most pushers can’t volley and many of them don’t even have an approach shot in their game either”.

Give them a drop shot at the right time and then look to pass them on your next shot.

I would fire a few balls right at them, to get in their head too.(It always seems to work for me)

The other thing you need to do is…..

Come in on all short balls.

Keep attacking them.

Now when you come in, give them a short angle volley or a stop volley one and bring them in.

Believe me.

This will upset their game plan fast and in a hurry.

Make a note.

Don’t rush things.

Wait for that short one and then use a good approach shot and close in on them.

Bottom line here.

Pushers don’t even have a plan B to work with.

So when you use these tactics on them, they will mentally breakdown!!

When they do break down.

Keep the pressure on them and finish off the match as fast as you can.

I used to love playing pushers, because I could always PUSH their mental buttons.

And so can YOU!!