Constructing Tennis Points

This tip is for all competitive tennis juniors,who are playing in tournaments.

Many of them.

Are having problems, with constructing points.

In tennis,this relates to how you play the point and how you try to win points.

It’s setting your opponent up with strategic patterns of play.

How you can do that,is what we are about to discuss right now.

Your first objective, should be to get a feel for their favorite playing patterns.

Scout them and use the first 4 games of the match,to do this.

All players have a certain playing pattern, that they use in their tennis matches,so to win more points,find out what it is and break up that pattern.

Next thing.

Play on your own terms.

Never play a point,until you have won it in your mind and have mentally recover from the last point.

The next point,is always the most important point in the match!!


You can’t let those emotions carry over, to the next point.

Let your breath be your anchor and quickly breathe out all the negative energy inside of YOU.

Develop a “All Around Game”.

To be able to construct points with feelings and instinct.

You need to be able to do it all.

And that means getting in tons of reps in practice.

If there is any shot that you haven’t developed yet,that means,you need to get more reps in.

Use every practice,to leverage the reps, for all they are worth.

You will also need a transition game.

Because,you have to take advantage of every short ball, that you get and make them pay for it!!

Start working on all the above tips this week.

Then focus on putting it all together, in your practice matches.

Please let me know about your results too!!


Play different styles of players in practice matches and make sure you play the top players too!!