Your Off Ball Movement

To construct points better, start working on your ability to anticipate where the ball is going, on the next shot.

Then get a good first step on it and flow to it.

One issue I see juniors and adults having on the court is……. their off ball movement.

This is your movement after you make a shot.

Develop the ability to see the whole point in your mind.


“If you make this shot, they will try this one and then you will counter with this shot after that and on and on”.

The goal is to.

Stay 2 steps ahead of your opponent during points and after them.

To be able to do this.

You need to be able to recognize your opponent’s playing patterns.

You can scout them.

But, you will still need to do it in REAL time, in your match.

All tennis players have their own playing styles and patterns.

Study them as much as you can before the match.

Then use warrior meditation to practice in your mind, playing against them.

This will translate, to you doing it on the court.

Never forget that.

Everything is created mentally first.

You must see yourself doing it in your mind, before you can actually, do it on the court or in a match!!