Second Serve Tip

Today,I want to give you guys a tip,that can help you improve your second serve in weeks.


The serve is one of the most important shots in tennis.

The other being the return.

You need to spend more time in practice.

On developing a solid return game and also,a reliable second serve.

The main problem I see happening for most junior players is that, they don’t flow from their first serve to their second one.

“They either rush through their motion or,they take too much time on it.”

This is what they need to do.

Develop a motion,that allows them to be more relaxed and then, keep the same tempo before the second serve and during it.

Many of them.

Aren’t congruent with their tempo from the first,to their second serve.

Sometimes,they rush through their motion, when they are nervous and other times, they will go too slow and over think,before even attempting the second one.


Learn to serve at your own pace,by setting your own patterns.

And never.

Attempt a second serve,while holding a negative image or thought in your mind.

“The right thought and image,will produce the right timing and service action,which then will produce, the right results for your second serve”.

Hope you guys can understand this tip.

If not.

Why don’t you copy it and post it up, on your locker or room.

You can also leave me a comment and I will get deeper into for you.

YOU choose!!


It’s Sunday here in kansai.

And I am going to try to catch up, on some writing and reading today!!