The Power Angle Shots

Hey what’s up?

I want to tell you guys that…..

When you are watching pro matches.

Don’t focus on the winners or the spectacular shots,that they are making.

Study their strategies, tactics and their mental game.


Pay close attention to the TV announcers.

Well,I shouldn’t say that.

This is only for the ATP tour okay.


The rest of these guys, are only talking heads!!!

I can tell you this.

I have been, paying close attention to these pro matches recently.

And have notice that, the new tactic by many pros is,,,,

The Power Angle Shot.

“This is when they take a wide ball and hit a heavy angled shot on the return”.

Many pros are using it more and more, and it is becoming a trend on tour.

So,start copying these guys.

If you really study the pros more,you can learn more!!

Work on using the outside of the ball with your racket and hitting heavy angled shots to open up the court.

Then follow that shot up, with an approach shot down the line.

By the way.

(This tactic should be used on key points).

First perfect this 2 shot combo in practice and then let it carry over naturally, into your matches!!

Let me also say.

Big shot out to Zverev, for beating Novak today in Rome and taking the title.

This kid is only 19 and headed for greatness!!!