Your First Serve Percentage

You can make life much easier on yourself in your tennis matches,if you get a higher percentage of first serves in.

This simple match play tip here,can do a few things for YOU.

It will help you get in the flow in your service game and it will take a lot of pressure off your second serve, at the start of the match.

Never forget.

“You don’t want to look at a second serve at the start of the match,because you will be nervous and their is a likely chance,that you will double fault.”

I can’t tell you guys how many matches,I have seen, were the junior,drop his service game,because he double faulted or tried to push one in there after missing the first serve,that his/her opponent,smashed in their face.

This is why you have to get your first serve in, at the start of all your matches.

I don’t mean,just roll it in.

You should develop a nice tight kick or spin serve,with a lot of bite.(Velocity)

Then look to take control of the point off the return or work the point,until you get a short ball.

I left this tip out of the book,so I wanted to share it with you guys here today.

Believe me.

This one tip for your service game,will take so must pressure off you, in your first 2 games on serve!!!

And this is crucial,for allowing you to find your rhythm and flow.

Speaking of serve.

Get more reps in before,during and after practice.

The reality is this,,,

Most junior players, don’t get enough correct reps in during practice.

Notice the word CORRECT in that sentence!

Tomorrow I will dive a little deeper, into this topic.

So,I’ll talk to you then!!