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It’s Not About The Wins

Of course, winning is important in this game and in life.

But, tennis is not just about winning.

It’s more about competing and giving all out mental effort on every point and in every match.

Focus on those aspects and the wins will take care of themselves.

You need to train on the court and have mental preparation and then you need to emotionally detach from the outcome and give all out mental effort.

In my research and studies on the mental game.

This is the best playing philosophy that you can adopt for your matches.

Tennis slumps and losing streaks come from players wanting to win too much.

They negate their play, by playing with tension and fear in their matches.

Now, I just told you how to stop this from happening.

The only thing you need to do now is practice it.

It may take about 2 months to change your mindset, so just keep working on developing the right mindset.


To make it simple for you.

Just develop a victorious attitude towards everything.

That means.

Walk, act, talk and play like you are already a winner and you will end up becoming one.

This is called the “Law of Reversibility”.

Which states.

By acting a certain way, you will unconsciously become that person.

Think about that.

Because that is the master key to transforming your mental game in weeks my friend!!