Work With A Daily List

You should start working with a daily list,that you carry around with you and check off the things that you do, while you are doing them.

This seems to be the only way, to become more efficient in every phase of your life.

We are living in the information overload age.

And it’s easy to get distracted,from what we are trying to do.

By writing things down on a list, the night before.

Then waking up,checking it again,maybe updating it,then checking off the tasks as you do them,you are developing focused energy.

Which will then transfer to the court.

The world class players work on a tight schedule.

They have their own routines.

Which allows them to get more stuff done,with less effort.

See my point?

By the way.

What type of routine do you have for tennis practice?

“You should be testing out new ideas and constantly updated your routine.”


Work with a daily list and stick to your list.

Commit to getting as much as you can done on your list.

Now,if you can’t.

Put it at the top of your list for the next day!!

Look,it’s all about getting results.

If you don’t put any structure, in your on court and off court training.

You will allow outside forces to distract YOU.

So trust me guys.

Start working with a daily list!!

It is going to make life,so much easier for you!!