A Strategic Warrior Strategy

Notice how the top players, make you earn every point against them?

They know that the game is about finding your rhythm,timing and getting into the flow.

Today’s strategic warrior tip comes from my book,”In Your Face Tennis”.

It’s a tip that can help you start playing your way into the zone.

As most of you know.

“The ZONE is a mental state on court,when everything seem to flow for you, in an effortless way.”

You are just playing in the moment and letting your other than conscious mind,do ALL THE WORK FOR YOU.

By the way.

This should be your main goal,before you step on court for every practice and match.


On to the warrior tip.

Never lose 2 points in a row.

So,play the point on your terms and make them earn it.

If they win the point.

Play the next point even harder,mentally push yourself, to play it tougher than the previous one.

9 times out of 10,you will win it,but if you do lose it,do this.

Play the 3rd point even harder!!

And,you will win that one.

Why do I know this?

Because you won’t face that many players,that can play 3 solid,tough points in a row.

At the junior level.

I can’t name that many!!

Can YOU?

You can see the power of this warrior strategy in matches?

Of all the coaching tips,that I have used for juniors,this was the most successful one.

By far!!


Feel free to use it,my friend!