Your Breath Is Your Anchor

In match play,use your breath as your anchor.

Before you react,breathe deeply.

Before you play a point, breathe deeply.

Before serving or returning a ball, breathe……you got it!!

Your power really does come from your breath.

Tennis coaches need to start teaching this to their students more too.

“I rarely see coaches teaching this in their junior lessons.”

Here is a prime example,that I want to share with you guys.

“At the junior level,most tennis point end after 2 to 3 shots”.


Because the players are holding their breath, while playing them.

And you maybe doing the same thing yourself.

Here is how you can check……

Tape yourself playing a match.

Watch it and notice if you are holding your breath during points.

Then focus on correcting it.

The problem with holding your breath during points is,,,,,

Players tense up and their strokes don’t flow.

To perform at your best, in matches,you must be relaxed at all times.

That means.

“You must be aware that,you are breathing out at contact and inhaling during the set up phase of your stroke.”

At first.

It may seem strange to you.

But,just keep consciously doing it during practice until, it become natural and you get over it.

Then it will transfer to your match play!!


It all start with you using your breath as your anchor or your support system, in practice!!