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Find A Champion Mentor

The best way to accelerate your tennis career is by finding a mentor.

Since we are in the internet age.

You don’t have to meet your mentor face to face and your mentor doesn’t even have to know, that he/she is doing it.

Find someone that you admire as a player and a Champion.

Mine used to be Arthur Ashe.

I would model everything I did after that great man.

Back to the point though.

Do some research on the player that you choose, check out their history and take down many notes.

You should review these notes and also remember them in your mind.

Read/watch their interviews and write down, what helped them to get to where you want to be as a player.

Now here is the most important part in this mentorship.

Whenever you are in a certain situation that challenges you mentally in matches or in practice.

Imagine how your mentor would handle it, then follow your intuition and never look back!!

You can also have more than 1 mentor.

“Adopt 4 or 5 Champions and do whatever you can, to get inside their heads”.

Start thinking and acting like them.

The reason mentors are so important is that….. they have spent years learning what works on the court and in matches.

So, by modeling your mental game after them.

They can help you save a lot of time and energy.

Get it?

Your main objective is to,,,,,

Model after them and stay congruent with their actions and mindset until you get the results that you want and reach your own tennis goals.

You must pay attention and execute your plan.

The results will come in due time, be patient and use your feedback, then make the needed corrections.