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I’m Thomas Daniels, a PTR and MTM member with more then 18 years of experience teaching kids, juniors and adults.
I have been running tennis schools in japan now for more then 15 years in Nishinomiya and Kyoto city.

I grew both programs by being the head pro and working with the communities to make that happen and giving value to students at the same time.

My mission in life is to help grow the game of tennis worldwide, I will try to introduce it to as many people as possible and I hope all coaches will join me in my efforts.

I wanted to do more for the game, so I started this blog to help competitive tennis player transform their tennis games.

More coaches need to learn how to coach the mental game,because after their players start competing,they will not be playing tennis anymore,they will be playing the mental game..

We should all be focusing on learning how to master coaching the mental game.

“Thomas, through his extensive knowledge of footwork and conditioning drills, really helped my girls team with their movement and balance.”

David Dickerson
Ritsumeikan Uji Senior High School


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MTM tennis pro coach at New Tennis Generation

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