A Tip For Your Approach Shot

Monfils just tried to hand Kei the match, but he didn’t want it!!

Kei’s mental game is GONE and he needs to find it again,before it is too late.

It’s 4:30 am Thursday morning here in Kansai and it is looking like another HOT day again.

Man,the heat is really getting to me this summer for some reason!!

Okay moving on.

Let’s me give you guys this tip for your approach shots.

I see many juniors closing in too soon.

They should be hop stepping around the service line and then wait to see what type of passing shot, their opponent will try.

Then close in.

They can make life easy for themselves if they do it this way.

“Come in on a good approach shot,camp out by the service line and then anticipate the passing attempt by their opponent”.

Every junior player should make this their main pattern of play, for their transition game.

The good thing about this situational tactic is…

After you start doing this a lot in practice.

You will gain confidence at the net in your front court movement and start closing out points and matches faster!!

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