What’s Your Purpose

As a competitive tennis player.

One of the first thing that, you have to do, is find out your purpose.

Answer these questions.

Why are you playing the game?

What are your true intentions?

Then, after you answer them.

“You need to create a vision for yourself and your future and play yourself, into that vision”.

I can tell you this…. if you don’t do this.

You won’t reach your full potential.

My advice to all tennis players is this.

Seek to become all that you can be this game and take your game as far as you can in your career.

After you do that.

Focus on giving back to the game, as much as you can.

By, teaching and coaching it to others.

This is exactly what I am doing now.

I am using this blog.

To reach more people and I will be traveling soon to the US, to reach even more people and introduce them to this great game called tennis.

The biggest problem for most juniors playing the game is that.

They don’t have or don’t know their purpose for playing!!

Which is crazy.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Coaches never ask them!!


You have to have a clear purpose and, you must be passionate about the sport.

If tennis isn’t your passion.

Do some soul searching and find out what it is,and then go do it for the rest of your life.

I recommend that every competitive player, reading this post.

Find out what their purpose is today!!!


This is the most important thing you can do, for your career!!