The Tennis Quote Of The Month

Hey, what’s up guys?

It’s Tue. August 1th here, in Kansai today..

So,it’s that time again.

At the start of every month,I like to give you guys a quote to meditate on for the rest of the month.

Let me say this first though…..

Never just read a powerful quote.

Write it down and carry it around with you.

Then pull it out and read it,when you are dealing with certain issues throughout the day.

Okay, on to the quote.

“The main objective and goal of every competitive tennis player,is to reconnect to their inner warrior spirit.”

Every tennis player has a inner warrior spirit deep down inside of them,that can never be defeated or beating.

But sadly enough.

Most of them,never discover it.


Tennis coaches should spend all their time,helping their players to do just that.

Make that your career goal too.

And I promise you.

You will reach your full potential and then exceed that potential!!!

Quick shout out for my up and coming book project.

Like I told you guys before.

“Mushin Tennis” should be out soon,so make sure that you get it!!