Focus On Getting Better

I’ll keep this post short and sweet and get right to the point.

If tennis players would focus more of their time, on getting better and not on their failures or setbacks,they would already be Champions!!!!

Think about that for long minute.


Think about this……

What do you focus on,most of the time?

Your setbacks or on how you can get better at practice everyday?

Never forget that.

“Whatever you focus on,you will mentally create at some point!!!”

Listen up closely.

This is what you need to do for at least 1 month.

Focus all your time and energy on getting better and opportunities.

Every minute of the day,is an opportunity,for you to improve in some way or fashion.

In the morning.

Write down your daily goal,for what you are going to work on in practice.

Then in practice.

Take down some more notes, as you are doing them.

After practice.

Make a note on what you have to do, to improve on, in the next practice and then do this…….

Sit in a quiet place and just meditate on how your practice went,your goals and your vision.

This is how you want to finish off each practice.

With this type of contemplation.

You gain insight and clarity and it will guide you towards your tennis goals.

But even more.

“This will allow you to develop spiritual powers and self-faith.”

Which should be the foundation, for you building a solid tennis career!!