Tennis Quote Of The Month

It’s the first day in June in kansai today.

So,here is the quote for this month.

Make sure that you post up empowering quotes, on your locker and that you read them throughout the day,to help you stay motivated and focused.


Enjoy the quote for this month.

“When developing your second serve,accept the double faults,that come with the process.”

To develop a solid second serve.

You must accept the double faults and keep hitting up and out on your serve.

Your biggest challenge is…

Not getting tight and maintaining racket head speed throughout your motion!!!

I have worked with many juniors and they all have the same problem.

They slow down on their racket head speed, during their service action.

Until you gain confidence and rhythm.

Roll with the doubles and keep going for it.


Your second serve will come around.

Because,it always does!!!

Oh yeah.

Never forget this too….

You are only as good as,your second serve!!!