Learning Faster In Tennis Practice

Start thinking long term focus.

Learning any stroke, strategy or tactic, takes time.

We are talking tons of reps.


Relax and enjoy the process.

The trick to learning faster, is to get into a flow mental state and allow things to take shape,own their own.

This means.

If you are on court feeling frustrated,agitated or out of rhythm.

You are working against yourself.

When that happens in practice.

Take a break and do some deep breathing to mentally recover.

The first thing that you have to do is develop the right mindset for learning.

Look at the whole learning the game, as a long term process.

With your goal being,to just get better in some way, everyday.

Then use the feedback that you get from practice and make the adjustments,that you need to make.

Now,here is the cool part about this learning concept.

Once you make this your daily practice habit.

You will start learning things 10 times faster!!!


Because the real secret to learning anything faster,is by being in a mental state of FLOW.

Ever been on the court,so engaged that you lose track of time?

That’s the flow like mental trance state, you are looking for and that is the mental state that you are looking to get in daily, at practice!!!