Miami Open Update

Nadal is in the final and we are waiting to see who he is going to be playing.

Federer is taking on Kyrios in the other semi match, in a few moments.

I just woked up now,so I didn’t see that Nadal match,but I’m happy he is back in the final again.

You know,he wants another crack at Federer,after that last match they had,in Indian Wells!!

I clicked off the Kyrios match yesterday.

Couldn’t watch it.

I’m not a fan at all and I think what he is doing on court,is bad for the game and the fans.


Because he doesn’t respect the game or anybody concern with the game.

He has the talent for sure,but does he really have the commitment,passion and desire,to be the best,that he can be in this game?

The debate is still out there on that question.

I want to see how he plays today on the big stage.

Federer had a up and down match yesterday.

He was lucky to beat Berdych yesterday.

Who choked again.

He had 2 match points on Federer and blew both of them!!

That’s called.

Finding a way to lose, because you are expecting to lose,in the back of your mind.

“Many players at every level of competition, are suffering from this self-defeating mental habit.”

The only solution is……

Warrior Meditation.

By the way.

Go back and read that post.

Learning the mental game is about, getting in the mental reps everyday.


Let’s see if we can get a Nadal vs Federer final.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!!

Enjoy the tennis!!