A Tip For Playing Tennis Points

Couldn’t sleep last night.

So,I got up at 3am!!

Today,we are going to talk about, playing tennis points in matches.

Make sure before you play the point,that you have already picture yourself winning it, in your mind.

Picture the point,playing out,just like you want it to,then relax and flow with whatever happens after the point starts.

By doing this over and over again in your tennis matches.

You will play yourself into a good rhythm and flow.


Never play a point,if you have a negative thought in your mind.

Step away from the line,and breathe the thought away,then,play the point in rhythm.

The right thought,will produce the right results on nearly every point.


You must set your own tempo out there,to be successful.

Play on your own terms.

And,when you find yourself out of flow.

Slow things down.

Focus on getting a good look at every point,until you find your rhythm again.

Playing the mental game,is all about getting in the flow, with the match.

You can do that, by being presence all the time.