A Tip For Your Service Motion

The service action is all about muscle memory.

You must work those reps to death.

I would do at least, 500 shadow swings of reps, before practice and after it.

You may want to get in another 500 reps, before you go to bed too.

That way.

Your subconscious mind,can be working on your motion, while you sleep.

If you want to smooth out your form.

This is by far,the best way to do it.

It’s all about leveraging the reps in practice.

And many players miss this vital point,in their careers.

They don’t get enough reps in,to see any results from their efforts,on a daily basis.

Look at the reps like this my friend.

The more you do them,the faster you will get a feel for the stroke or pattern of play and the faster you will discover it as well!!

Make sense right?


Get in those reps!!

And start doing it today!!