Quote Of The Month

It’s the first of December here in kansai,japan,so I thought I would give the quote of the month today.

Also,I’m in a rush and don’t have that much time for you guys in this post.

This quote is also a review of a mental tip, that we covered a while ago.

Never forget that.

It’s a good idea to post up these quotes and review them from time to time.

“Say them out loud with emotion and feeling to yourself and then meditate on them for about 5 minutes or so.”


“Play tennis in the ideal,until you can do it for real”.

Make that your practice theme for 30 days!!

This is also the concept that IYFT is based on.

It’s learning to play tennis in the ideal,until you can actually do it on court!!

Use can by pass your conscious mind and tap into your subconscious mind, when you do this on court too!!

Let’s stop there today guys.

And we can talk more tomorrow!!