Mentally Move Forward

Woke up to a wet Sat. morning here in kansai.


I plan on doing some online work and studying today.

Hope you guys had a very productive week on and off the court.

I know I did.

Today I want to follow up yesterday’s post with this advice for you.

” Mentally Move Forward”.

The mental game is the toughest game that, you are ever going to have to play in your life.

Your mind has to be presence and fresh at all times on the court.

You have to be ruthless on yourself in this regard too.

Catch yourself when you are being fixated on a past match or experience and re-focus your mind on something else all together.

But make sure that you don’t fight the negative thoughts,just let them past by.

Because that is just being fixated on something else.

Look at your mind as a river.

That you never want to get clogged up,so keep moving forward towards your goals and keep your mind flowing.

The sad truth about this matter is that 90% of tennis players do it unconsciously,,

For some players,1 match, can decide their whole career, because they will never mentally let it go!!

It gets and stays in their energy field.

This really is just about “Self-Awareness” on another level people!!

After every practice, ask yourself this question.

How much was I mentally in the moment today?

Write it all down and focus on staying in the moment in your next practice.

Start that dialogue with yourself and be ruthless with your mental training.

This is going to take,will power,intention and persistence and also patience my friend.

Okay guys.

Have a great weekend and a great practice!!