Record Everything Down

You should be recording all your daily tennis activities down on paper and you should be using that self feedback, to make the needed corrections and adjustments for practice sessions,studies and match play.

Thinking on paper,can help you leap frog the learning curve.

It also will help you tap into your creativity,that is deep down inside of you.

I always encourage my juniors to record their thoughts daily, but only a few of them actually do it.

But listen to this.

The ones that do it,are the ones who make the most progress with their tennis and mental game.

There is real power in journaling.

I would suggest you start doing it from today and keep doing it for 3 months.

A few more tips.

“Write down what you are working on in practice and come up with ideas to improve the way you practice.”

Also write down your feelings and your problems.

This could be anything that is giving you frustration or getting you angry.

I have found that,if you should write these things down and contemplate them for 30 minutes a day,you will gain wisdom and drop them all together!!

So by recording them daily,you will start releasing them!!

This tip along can turn your tennis career around in months!!

I would highly recommend you start doing it today!!