Pace Yourself

The reason so many tennis players get burnout is, because they don’t pace themselves enough during their careers.

Only you know your own body and what it is capable of doing,so don’t over do it in practice and don’t let others tell you how to do it.

“You want to listen to your coaches and parents, but if what they are telling you,doesn’t FEEL right,take a stand and step back and give your body a chance to recover,so you can get a bigger picture of what the problem really is and mentally hit the restart button.”

Your tennis career is going to be a journey,a process that you have to experience at your own pace.

Get in the flow in practice and stay focused on doing 1 thing at a time.

“Take it 1 rep at a time, 1 shot at a time,and 1 point at a time.”

Practice on your terms and stay in the moment all the time.

Key point though.

After practice,write down everything that you did in your tennis journal.

Note too.

Keep your journal information all to yourself.

It should be for your eyes only.

Then make the needed adjustments for the next practice.

This will help you to internalize the information more and start progressing faster towards your tennis goals.

Speaking of goals,write them down 2 times a day and keep them in front of you!!

Pacing yourself is what all great Champions have done, to over achieve and overcome the obstacles that they had to, in their careers.

What I’m saying here is,,

Never be too much in a hurry in practice or your matches.

Make your career theme be,,

“Do everything in FLOW”.

Have yourself some fun too,because you only get one shot at this thing.

Called life and tennis!!

So enjoy the moments my friend!!!