Lose Like A Champion

“Until you can lose like a Champion,you will never become one.”

I was told this by my summer coach 1 year and didn’t really realize what he was talking about,until my career was over,and I reflected on what he meant,and then it finally sunk in.

This statement is so true and it is at the core of what competition is and should be all about.

How you deal with a lost,says a lot about your character as a person,but it also gives you a chance to develop mental strength for future matches.

That’s the secret sauce there,that is hard to get through to kids!!

Juniors don’t want to face these hard questions though.

They would rather continue to make excuses and do anything else, to avoid the facts.

But the thing in competition is.

You can never run away from the truth about your mental game,so get real about it and get to work on correcting it today.

“Champions have build character in themselves,by learning how to deal with defeat with style and grace.”

While the other tennis players have allowed 1 lost to define their whole career.

I have seen that story play out with many competitive players.

Just study Champions and you will see they all have this way of dealing with setbacks with dignity.

This is their MO and they ingrain this resiliency in themselves from a young age.

Be conscious of how you are walking out the court after any lost,by video taping your matches more.

Here is a good tip that will guarantee that you never lose another match again in your career.

“Play with all out passion,intentions and mental effort and don’t hold back,this way,even if you do lose,YOU can still walk off the court feeling like a winner.”

Adopt that mindset for match play and you will never feel like a LOSER again after a match!!