Great Match

Kei and Monfils just played the match of the year,in my book.

It didn’t start off that well for either player.

But is was a great match.

Both players struggle to find their rhythm today and the momentum went back and forth for the whole match.

It ended in a tie break,that could have went either way.

This was a great win for Nishikori, because he showed some true grit today.

Doesn’t matter how you win,just as long as you do win!!

For you competitive players reading this, try to remember that statement.

A win is a win,so take it anyway that you can get it!!

I would like to see Monfils step it up more with his mental game this year and drop the clown act for a while,because this guy has all the tools, but is missing the concentration factor.

As for as Kei goes.

This is his time to make it happen in his career.

He can go as far as he thinks he can.

And I have a message for him too.

“To think you can, will create a force that can.”

Great match out there guys.

Loved watching it!!