Focus On Mental Growth

When you really study tennis you find something that is connected to all parts of your life.

Because tennis is just like life isn’t it?

“It’s all about mental growth,doesn’t matter where you start either,the only thing that is important for your success, is that you keep growing and trying to get better everyday in practice”.

I write down my thoughts in my coaching journal everyday,to clarify them and to also help me gain more insights into how I can start coaching the mental game better.

My mission in life, is to master how to coach the mental game!!

Yesterday I wrote this quote down in there,,

“The main reason tennis players get stuck in their tennis career or in slumps,is because they unconsciously think themselves into them daily”.

If you can relate to that one,you are not alone.

Also if you are a tennis player yourself,then this is what you are going to have to do and don’t waste another day.

Consciously look at every moment on court as a chance for you to get better,this is a mental thing we are talking about here,it’s constant mental growth.

Tennis players grow in the direction of their thoughts.

Look at every rep in practice,as a chance to improve on that shot,and the same with playing points.

Play each point better than the last one and also play it harder than the last one!!

Imagine if you play each point as hard as you could and then try to play the next one even harder?

All tennis players have to fight for their own SELF-MASTERY.

This is what coaches aren’t teaching them.

“Change your mental outlook from today about your possibilities as a player and by the end on May,you will have grown mentally into a new player.”

I have seen this happen to many players that were once in a long slump for months.

And I personal use this same mental training method myself with my own students.

We all get what we focus on,so you need to be focusing on mental growth in every practice.

Your results,will speak for themselves!!