Novak Takes the Australian Open

I had to devote this whole post to the champion today.

Novak is simply the best and we all need to start giving this guy his respect for being consistent with his mental game in GS tournaments, because he has earned it.

I think Federer is done,to be honest with you.

Sorry to say that guys, but I am not seeing the fire in his eyes in big matches,(He cruz again in this tournament, then just looked shocked out there against Novak.)

I know I am going to have the haters coming after me, but Federer is too good of a player, to not be competing for GS Championships.

That being said,I think or should I say, I know, he can beat Novak.

But first, he is going to have to develop MENTAL DEMAND,which I am not going to get into today in this post.

Novak is going to dominate this year and for the years to come.

I hope the other players on tour can step up their mental game this year, but I doubt they can.

The problem for them is, they are not working on their mental game enough right now.

If they want to compete against Novak, they are going to have to dig deep into their warrior spirit and go somewhere that they have never mentally been.

I love Novak and his mental game, I also love his approach to this mental warfare sport,because he has been a true WARRIOR on the big stage!

The reason Novak is just crushing the tour now,is because the guy developed a indomitable spirit for competition.

That’s really what has been his master key for success!!

And if those other guys don’t follow his lead on tour.

We can just hand Novak the GS Title this year.

Novak, congrats on stepping into your greatness my friend!!

I’ll be back on mental tips tomorrow!!