Happy 2016!!

Happy New Year!!

Just woke up now.

We had a great party yesterday with the family here in Himeiji and now I am focused on making 2016 my best year ever!!

I meditated on my goals for this year this morning.

Make sure you do the same thing today.

Start meditating on the year that you would like to have for the next few days.

Set big goals for this year and then commit to reaching them.

You know what.

I was listening to a great college football coach yesterday on ESPN.

“And he was saying the problem with sports players today is that, they can all say and write down their goals, but they all can’t commit to reaching them.”

That comment is right on spot and it hits right into the heart of the matter for each of them.

We have talked a lot about goal setting in this blog this year,but I would also say to you here today.

If you are not mentally and spiritually ready, to pay the price for reaching your tennis goals, don’t set them at all.

Because you are only fooling yourself and you are wasting your time.

I was also checking the wire just now and Monfil is out of the Hopman Cup, also Gasquet withdrew from the Australian Open.

We need to see both of these guys back out there on tour soon.

And I will be talking to you guys soon!!

Happy New Year!!