Being At Your Mental Best

I hope you guys are understanding from reading my blog,that to perform at a high level in matches,you have to be at your mental best at all times in matches.

You have to work on your mental game, twice as much as you work on your tennis game.

The reason you maybe stuck now, is because you are not working on your mental game enough.

I rarely see juniors who do this or coaches who stress this to their players.

Today I will get into some things that you can do from today,that will help you be at your mental best in future matches.

Don’t just read them either,start implementing them from today.

Here they are.

Check Your Attitude

It’s like we all know this one, but nobody gets it.

Do they?

I still see competitive tennis players talking negative to themselves during matches and coming to practice with a bad attitude and then these same players complain to me that they are in a slump.

Yes, you are in a slump my friend,because you have developed a negative attitude towards competition and dealing with adversity.

I always laugh at them and then ask them,”What do you expect”?

To be at your mental best, your attitude about tennis and competing must get and stay positive.

You can do this by consciously being aware of how you are thinking at any particular moment on court.

“Attitude means a mental position.”

It also mean the way that you dedicate yourself to thinking on a daily basis,so it could be negative or it could be positive.

That all depends on you!

Be committed to developing and then maintaining a positive attitude for playing the game and nothing will stop you from reaching your tennis goals.

If you do this,you will always be at your mental best and perform at a high level.

The other thing I would do is this.

Mentally Push Yourself More

Once you commit to dedicating yourself to becoming a more positive tennis players.

“You then need to mentally push yourself more”.

Demand more concentration and perfection from yourself in practice.

Create a plan for every practice and make sure you see it through to the end.

My coach in high school would stress this to us everyday before practice.

I’m glad he did too, because it taught us how to develop efficiency with our mental training.

When you start mentally pushing yourself in practice and also coming to practice with a positive attitude,things start clicking and you start feeling like nothing can stop you or your mental game.

If you continue with this mental growth,you will reach your own “Mental Peak”.

Your mental peak is when you reach a point in your competitive career,that you are always at your mental best in competition.

Many of you who are reading this post, don’t need that much extra training in practice,what you really need is more mental training.

Come on, think about it?

In summary.

Focus on developing a positive attitude for competing in the next 30 days and also mentally push yourself more on and off the court.

Demand more from yourself and you will get it.

Don’t worry,you should be able to do this before 2016.

Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s time to get your mental game on!