Do This In Every Match

Sorry guys,have to make this post short and sweet, because I need to go catch a train.

This matchplay strategy,will have you competing better in matches the moment you use it.

In your matchplay.

It’s not about winning every match you play.

Never focus on winning,focus on competing until the last ball is struck.

The tip is.

Play your tennis matches with all out passion.

Have you ever seen a player play with all out passion in a match?

I mean one,just playing tennis for the love of the game!

If you have,you have seen a true tennis player playing with passion.

I love to watch players play with passion in person and on TV.

It makes the game more fun to watch and it also makes the game more fun for the player who is doing it.

And at the end of the day.

Tennis is sport and needs to be enjoyed by everyone that plays it.

I hate it when coaches and players take passion out of this this sport, by taking it too seriously.

Play with more passion in every match and you will start getting more from the game.

You will also,start getting more from your own tennis game.

How much passion did you play with today or your last time on court?

If your answer is not much.

You are not alone my friend.

I witness it everyday.

I also advise players everyday,to play with more with passion or go home!

See,playing with passion, is the master key,to picking the lock and you reaching your full potential as a player.

What do I mean by that?

By playing with passion everyday,the game will come to you more faster and you will discover your true playing style in months.

Then,all you need to do is commit to doing it in practice.

And as you know,we win our matches in practice!


Okay guys,I need to go catch a train about now.

Talk to you guys later.

For now.

Play with passion in practice today or don’t show up!