Stepping Up Your Mental Game

Your mind is like a muscle and when that muscle is not being used, it deteriorate.

Many competitive tennis players allow this to happen to their mental game.

Off the court, they don’t use their thoughts constructively.

Then on the court, they use them destructively.

Your mental game is created in your mind first.

So you have to create the image in your mind, of the player that you want to become, before you can step up your mental game.

“Step up your mental game by creating a better image for yourself as a player and a person”.

You can do that through warrior meditation.

Also stop talking and thinking by default.

I was on the train yesterday with some young junior tennis players and I couldn’t believe or understand what they were talking about at all.

I bet you they didn’t either, because they are acting and talking by default.

Many young people have no idea of what they are really doing or saying at any giving time.

The point here is,“They don’t use their minds enough”.

Making that mental leap with your game,will require you to focus on your “Chi”.

Your Chi is your inner energy and everything is energy.

You can get more mentally tough by using your “Chi” with true intentions on and off the court.

Be aware of your “Chi all day” and everyday,and how you are using it or wasting it.

Then make the corrections you need to, on the spot, wherever you are.

Stepping up your mental game is a challenge for every competitive tennis player.

That most are too lazy to face.

The question you have to ask yourself before you can mentally step it up is,“Are you ready to make that mental leap with your tennis game”?

And only you can answer that one my friend.