Getting More Out Of Your Tennis Game

To get more from your present tennis game, you are going to have to demand more from your present mental game.

You can’t expect to get more from one, without the other and remember,you are really playing the mental game, not tennis.

You need to write that down.

Look at the women on the WTA tour.

Serena is dominating on tour now, because 90% of the players don’t get this fact about what game they are really playing.

Most of these women are stepping on court, with the impression, that they are playing tennis!

So, please share this information with them, if you can.

To get more from your mental game,you are going to have to push yourself mentally.

“The best way to do this, is attack your mental game from 2 angles.”

1). Would be,,

Mental rehearsal for 20 minutes a day.

You need to see and FEEL yourself mentally reacting a certain way in your matches.

Don’t worry, how you reacted in your last match or if you will react the way you are rehearing in your next match, just keep doing it!!

“Your nervous system will be control by your subconscious mind and guided by it,after you have imprinted the image in there.”

2).Next thing you have to do is,,

Stop accepting other peoples words and opinions.

I have studied this problem here for years, let me tell you.

I even let it happen to me in my short semi pro career!

We are all program to accept, rather then question our parents, teachers and coaches, also friends opinions.

This means you need to adopt the following mindset.

“If their words or advice weaken you,cast them out of your mind and do it right there on the spot!”

Say to them,“Thanks for the advice and after I do it, you will be the first to know”!

Say this to yourself with power,”I reject their opinion.”

You will need to say this to yourself,every time a thought about them comes into your head, because this type of thinking effects your energy,which then effects your mental game.

“Getting more from your present game is actually de-hypnotizing yourself from others opinions and your own false beliefs about your mental game.”

While working on these 2 things, you need to commit to doing one more thing in practice and matches.

It’s a very important one too guys.

Play every point,harder then the last one you just played.

To get more from your mental game, you are going to have to start bringing more grit and mental effort to practice.

Commit to playing every point as hard as you can,then breathe it away.

Relax and get ready for the next one and then play that point even harder!!

Start in practice and it will carry over into your matches.

Good luck to you guys!!