What Does It Take To Be Successful

I’m not going to start off today telling you something you already know about kobe.

Not today.

Today,I want to get straight into this post.

I was contemplating this question yesterday and wanted to share my answers with you guys today.

Many of you need to be asking this same question to yourself after every practice or match you play.

Then,keep asking this same question to yourself, until you start getting the results that you want from your mental game.

Record your answers in your journal and eventually you will get the right one.

Make sure you take action too.

You should take immediate action,when you feel you have the right answer.

This is why some players struggle for a long time with their mental game, then all of a sudden, they will just blazes their way to the top ranking.

Which is exactly what happen to Novak.

Novak was at that number 4 ranking for a long time and then he had that breakout year, were he just decided in his mind,that he would not be denied by anyone.

Now he is dominating the men’s tour!

This is why we have to keep asking ourselves the hard questions and contemplating on our answers.

To be successful, you have to remove all things that are distracting you from discovering and getting a better feel for the game.

I’ll repeat that.

“If you are struggling in matches, you are allowing something or someone to distract you and until you remove that person, event or whatever it maybe.”

You won’t reach your full potential.

As 90% of players don’t.

This same rule applies off the court, so keep that in mind.

Are you struggling with your mental game?

Then you have been effected by someone or something!

See whenever a player gets bitten by negativity.

“They spend all their time focusing on it, instead of focusing on developing their mental game.”

You can never let anything or anyone get to your attitude.

Protect your attitude,by getting so positive,that you are immune to all negativity!!

Write this down.

To be successful, you have to tap into your indomitable spirit.

That we all have deep down inside of us, but seldom use.

I would make that my tennis career mission and you should be set for as long as you play.

This post should have you thinking more constructive for this week.

Get in a quiet place today,and meditate on this post for about 15 minutes.

I would also do this type of meditation as much as I can!

I guarantee you if you do, you will start seeing some positive results from your mental game soon in matches.