Tennis Slumps

Today let’s get into slumps and why they happen and also what players can do, to play themselves out of one.

Slumps happen when players start holding on to their past failures.

They start focusing on them,by reliving them in their minds all day long.

Thoughts are very powerful,so when players have these past failures thoughts many times, they become their dominant thought and self-concept about their tennis games.

Once this is accepted by their subconscious mind,they become officially in a slump.

The only way to get out of a slump,is to think yourself out of it and that is going to be HARD!!

But the player has to do it,their coaches can’t do it for them and their parents can’t either.

You must will yourself to take total control over your thoughts and think your way out.

There is no other way around it,and many junior players don’t get or accept this fact.

So how do you get out of a slump?

2 mental laws work well here and I would try to use them both.

One is the law of substitution,were you keep replacing weakening thoughts, with more empowering ones.

It can take up to 60 days to change and imprint a thought upon your subconscious mind, but it must be done, to get out of a slump.

The next thing you can do, is start acting like you are already the tennis player that you want to become.

This is my favorite one,because with the “law of reversibility”,you can change your feeling by acting in a certain way,that puts you into a desired emotional state.

Make a mental note of that too,because this means you can actually self-coach yourself through a tough match!!

Work both of these powerful concepts for 1 month,your results will start changing.

Stay with it and push yourself mentally even more after you start turning things around.

After 2 months, you should be out of the slump and moving up the ranking.

Please share this with someone you know, who maybe in a slump right now.

Man,it’s raining in kobe,so I think I’ll try to get some reading in today.

Make it a great one today for yourself!!