Tennis Practice

This is going to be a short post guys.

They just stop showing the Monfils vs Federer match, in the second set, so I’m going to go and try to watch the end of it at my tennis club.

Didn’t get a chance to watch that much tennis yesterday,so I need to catch up with some matches today.

“Tennis practice should be used to develop your tennis skills and prepare your mental game for matches.”

Tennis players go through stages with their progression.

First their is the skill building stage, next the competitive stage and last, the character building stage.

Use practice and your willpower to go through them quickly.

Skills building stage-

get a image, then play yourself into the image with repetitions.

Competitive stage-

focus on giving all out effort and not winning at first, this will take the pressure off you and help you to be able to develop a better focus for competition.

Character building stage-

this is the crucial stage, tennis is going to reveal, then help you build character, but only if you are willing to push yourself to do it.

This last stage, is were most players quit on themselves and then the game!!

Champions never quit!

Players that can focus, tend to become Champions.

They quickly mentally recover and adjust their attitudes and are then able to leap frog all of these learning curves.

In practice, planning is important.

Create a plan in your journal and take it to court with you,revise and update your plans during practice, then keep progressing with your game.

Practice is a good place to get into your “inner game”.

“Concentrate and watch yourself very closely, but do not judge or react to what you see.”

Champion do this,they are always honest and open with themselves and making needed mental adjustment to meet their tennis goals.

Have your practice goals written down before practice and stick to them, until their feel right for you, then move on to the next goal.

“By doing this in practice, you will save yourself time and you will find yourself progressing at lighting speed.”

Have a great practice today!!