The Master Key Questions

“This post I’m going to give you today, can transform your matchplay game in weeks or even days.”

It’s very empowering and you need to refer back to this post as much as you can, to reprogram your mental game for competition.

“The master keys questions” for tennis, are powerful questions, that lead to empowering results in your matches.

Ask yourself these powerful questions on court at all times, to unlock the door to your full potential as a player.

They are-

How is thinking this way, effecting my play?


Another one-

Does thinking this way right now, empower me or disempower me as a player?

That wasn’t hard, was it?

But when you ask yourself these powerful questions in a match, you notice, just how much your negative thinking, is effecting your feeling and results in matches.

“Realize that, to start having better result in matches, you have to start thinking better on court.”

Every moment on the court, you either becoming efficient or inefficient, by the thoughts that you have and keep.

“Keep asking those powerful questions and you will empower your mental game in weeks”.

To unlock the door to your full potential, you have to get your mental game so solid, that you are immune to negativity, emotions and fear!!

This right here, is a mental tip, that you want to master.

“Please meditate on this mental hack, until will talk tomorrow.”