Successful Tennis Players vs Unsuccessful Ones

I have been studying the “world class tennis players” for years, and what I have found out about them is that, the successful players have consciously developed a different mindset from the unsuccessful players.

That means that if you feel you are underachieving, then start seriously studying the Champions of this game and stay congruent with them,because if you can duplicate their actions and thinking, there is no stopping you!

Successful tennis players first get a vision for what type of player they want to become, then they “Act the part, until they become the part”.

Were as the unsuccessful players act robotic like in their reactions and actions in matches, most of them do this unconsciously too because they don’t do it consciously in practice, it’s a mental habit they can’t control or at least they think that they can’t control it.

Players who are struggling now need to, raise their awareness level and attention when studying the successful players,and then through this higher awareness and attention,they will get more clarity and be able to internalize this clarity into better concentration.

Successful tennis players hold the “fearless thought” in their minds on court at all time, just watch how Novak faces each challenge in a match with a fearless attitude,and this is very intimating for his opponents.

In summary,the successful players are committed to playing “fearless tennis”, they develop the vision, then they are able to hold and play into that vision.

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