How Do You Coach Better Tennis

All of us as tennis coaches needs to be sure that we are coaching on purpose.

This means we should be getting better at coaching daily.

The important thing in coaching is to make sure that every player that comes through your school or program, leave a better person and player.

Make that your coaching philosophy, and you can fill out the rest of it as you coach along in your career.

Be a student of the game, on social media, I see many who are not, but claim to be, what many of them need to do, is to get off social media, and work on becoming a better coach.

What I try to do in my coaching is, “Be a student of the game”.

Tennis coaches need to learn something new everyday, test out what they have learned, then adopt and adapt it, to their coaching methods.

Never stop doing this and you will keep improving as a coach and get more out of coaching.

Your players will also get more out of your coaching.

If you coach with this concept and you can’t fail.

Many of you need to join me coaches membership too, 25$ a month is a good price, because I give seminars to coaches here and charge 200$, so maybe I need to raise the fee or something?

The year is coming to an end, so how many of your coaching goals did you meet this year?

Write down your coaching goals for 2015 and come up with a plan to reach them, then break the plan down and get to work on them.

Coaching tennis really the best job in the world, when you are coaching on purpose isn’t it?