Sloane Stephens Needs Help

I can’t believe I’m writing this post after the write up I gave her when she upset Serena a year ago, but things have changed and I don’t know what has happen to this girl’s game.

What I do know is this, Paul Annacone her coach has went his own way and right now, I haven’t heard if she has found a new coach yet, but she need to find someone who can get her back on track again, to be successful in tennis you have to have your camp together and you have to be able to rely on them.

I wonder if she got too much success, too fast and let it go to her head, because I was just writing about how much class she was showing last year at the Australian Open and then I read an article were she is being rude to kids!!

The one thing I would like to see more from her game, is passion, her game is smooth and she has all the strokes, but she lacks that intensity that you need to bring when you face the top ranked players on tour.

I was just thinking who would be a good coach for her, do you guys have any ideas?

Maybe Zina Garrison, what do you guys think about that?

“Sloane take your time in looking for a coach and make sure you get it right this time.”(If you have already found one, I hope it works out this time)

I will have my eyes on you at the US Open and one more thing, work on your mental game,because you have everything else covered.

It’s 7pm in Kobe now and I’m signing off guys!