Playing Successful Doubles

Learning to master the art of playing doubles will help you to develop skills that are necessary off the court as well, these skills are what successful people have worked on and focused on, to help them reach their goals, which are.

1)The Right Mindset- to be successful at doubles you have to have a positive attitude, your partner will often need to feed off your attitude, when they are struggling, this is why the best doubles players have this infectious attitude about themselves.

2 ) Communication Skills- being able to communicate with your partner in an honest and open way is going to determine your teams success, the best doubles players are also great communicators, they started by first learning how to communicate better with themselves, then this helped them to communicate better with their partners.

3) Leadership Skills- you will sometimes have to lead your team and this will turn you into a stronger leader for the future, then as your confidence grows, so does your partner’s.Playing the role of a leader, will create leadership abilities in you.

Along with those 3 important skills, work on your net game and court awareness, through drilling and playing more doubles.After every match, evaluate how your movement and judgements were during the match and makes notes about what you want to work on in your next practice.

And last, develop a good spin serve that you can rely on and a good service return game at first, you will improve in both of these areas as you progress with your doubles play.

Most older players play and prefer doubles, while younger players prefer singles, but younger players should know that doubles can help their singles game, because when your court awareness improves and you learn how to attack, you will start winning more in singles.

Mac was a double specialist and he said that playing doubles helped him, to be able to keep his singles game sharp.I think the reason is doubles is about making shots, so you develop your shot making skills through playing doubles.

Now that is something more single players should think about,which is, if they played more doubles, their singles game would improve too.

The great thing about doubles is, it’s fun and interesting when you really throw yourself into it.

Look out for that next round match with Novak vs Tsonga at Wimbledon too.