Change the Theme

It’s Golden Week in Japan, so things are slow,I’m getting ready to go to my parents-in-law’s home for a few days, hope you guys are feeling my new theme and I wanted to give a mental tennis tip for you to meditate on today.

Learn how to center your mind on one thing at a time, this will improve your concentration, this takes strength of mind, which is develop through willpower.

Most players can’t concentrate, because they stay in a constant mental state of negativity, this effects their willpower in matches.

The best way to start using your will is in your daily activities, will yourself to be there mentally and if you breath more deeply, relax, and keep bringing yourself back to the moment, you will build up your strength of mind over time.

I learned this from a course that I took years ago and it is very simple, but effective!

And when this mindset is carry over to the court, your tennis game is going to flow, this is what a lot of tennis coaches don’t teach, but I do, because see, it doesn’t matter how many hours a player puts in, if they can’t concentrate in their matches and that’s what I see in many of these tournaments.

Use your willpower for the next day to stay in the moment, whatever that moment maybe, go about this process, one moment at a time and one day at a time, for one month and you will have the mental edge over your opponents!

Enjoy the rest of the week and start developing and using your WILLPOWER to start winning more matches!