Novak Crushes Nadal

Novak just took it to Nadal today and he showed us how you have to play against him, which is jump all over him at the start of the match and pour it on non-stop, before he knows what has hit him.

Nadal is a slow starter, that likes to work his way into a match at his pace and with players like that, the best plan of attack sometimes, is to just hop all over them from the first point.

Novak never allowed Nadal to get back into it mentally and he was trying to do just that, but Novak wasn’t haven’t any of it today!

What a strange tournament too, with the semi-finalists defaulting like they did, I can just imagine what the fans who came there looking forward to watching matches, were feeling the other day.

Congrats to Novak and this rival is taking on a whole new life of it’s own, and now it is time for the clay court season and some long boring rallies!

Well, at least it’s tennis right?

Great day in the Kobe and now I’m going to take my son to the zoo.

Enjoy the day guys!